The world is increasingly dependent on complex, software intensive systems. Due to their multiple influences on all segments of our society they have to be analysed, planned, and designed in an interdisciplinary fashion.

In the 30 years of their history the IDIMT-conferences have established themselves as a truly interdisciplinary and international forum for the exchange of concepts and visions in the area of complex and/or software intensive systems, management and engineering of information and knowledge, systemic thinking, business engineering, and related topics. The increasing pervasiveness of systems and the related importance of information as a vital resource requires the consideration of synergies in an interdisciplinary and holistic cooperation of various disciplines such as systems engineering, electronics,, management techniques, sociology, business, and education.
IDIMT involves a multi-national, multidisciplinary audience in discussing up-to-date and evolving topics and issues. The conference will follow the well-established pattern of a single stream of sessions, each introduced by a keynote and followed by shorter position papers, their full text being included in the proceedings. At least 20 minutes are set aside at each session for a plenary discussion.

Proceedings from the IDIMT conference are included in the Web of Science and SCOPUS.