Topic A: Digitalization and Industry 4.0 – Changes in Concepts Caused by COVID-19?

Topic organizer:     Petr Doucek               < >

Topic B: Innovations and Strategies in a Pandemic Era

Topic organizer:     Tomas Pitner             < >

Topic C:  Digital Transformation in Crisis Management

Topic organizer:     Georg Neubauer        < >

Topic D: Social Media, Fake News, Myths and Ethics

Topic organizer:     Antonín Pavlíček       < >

Topic E: Digital Health – Emergency Support for Victims and First Responders

Topic organizer: Alexander Almer < > and Georg Aumayr < >

Topic F: Smart Supply Chain

Topic organizer:  Radoslav Delina      < >

Topic G: Cyber Security in a Digital World

Topic organizer:     Michael Sonntag        < >

Topic H: Performance and Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Topic organizer:     Jaroslav Wagner       < >

Topic I: Trust in Smart Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Resilient Technology, Economy and Society

Topic organizer:     Erwin Schoitsch         < >

Topic J: COVID-19’s Impact on Enterprise Software Development

Topic organizers:   Alena Buchalcevová  < >

Topic K:  COVID-19’s Influence on Learning and Teaching

Topic organizers: Helena Lovasz-Bukvova  < >

Invited Contribution by Christian W. Loesch: “Mutual Impact of the Covid Pandemie and ICT”