Topic A: AI Support for Crisis Management

Topics: New approaches of cooperation in pandemic management; Enhancing decision support by AI applications

Session coordinators:  Georg Neubauer <>, Karin Rainer <>

Topic B: Cyber Security

Topics: ICT security; Digital identities; Privacy&Whistleblowing; Legal aspects of security; Cyber forensics

Session coordinator:   Michael Sonntag <>

Topic C: AI in Virtual Collaboration, Teaching & Learning

Topics: Models for eLearning; Higher Education didactics; Remote work models; Vocational training

Session coordinator:   Anne Jantos <>

Topic D: Autonomous Vehicles

Topics: Autonomous vehicles, including UAVs; Smart City and Smart Road environments; Sustainable development goals

Session coordinator:   Erwin Schoitsch <>

Topic E: ICT Systems and Business

Topics: Digital Maturity; IT in the public sector; Digitalization; DORA regulation; New concepts in business information systems

Session coordinators: Petr Doucek <>, Miloš Maryška <>

The growing complexity of today’s business world leads to a growing dependence on information and communication technologies. However, their introduction is connected with the preparation of all business processes for this transformation – the so-called digitization. The section will be dedicated to the presentation of research in the field of digital maturity – adjusting processes both in the business environment and in the environment of public and state administration. The section also includes the area of regulation in this area – in the area of security, the EU Directive NIS2, for the area of the financial sector, it is a similar directive issued by the EU under the designation DORA. Contributions analyzing the impact of digitization on corporate information systems are also welcome in the section.

Topic F: Digital transformation and digital business models

Topics: Digitalization; Digital technologies; Digital innovation; Business models innovation

Session coordinator:   Andreja Pucihar <>

Topic G: Social Media and the Role of AI

Topics: AI-driven content creation and curation; Social media and E-Commerce; Deepfakes and information authenticity; User engagement and AI; Future of social media interactions

Session coordinator:   Antonín Pavlíček <>

This conference session delves into the dynamic intersection of social media and artificial intelligence (AI). With an emphasis on emerging trends and challenges, the session explores key topics such as AI-driven content creation and curation, the symbiotic relationship between social media and e-Commerce, the evolving landscape of deepfakes and information authenticity, strategies for enhancing user engagement through AI, and the intriguing future prospects for social media interactions in an AI-driven world. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the transformative role AI plays in shaping the present and future of social media platforms.

Additionally, we invite researchers and experts to submit papers that extend the discourse beyond the boundaries of traditional social media and look into the broader realm of new media. In an era characterized by constant technological evolution, examining the synergies and disruptions between AI and new media, will provide a holistic understanding of the evolving digital landscape. We look forward to exploring innovative insights and diverse perspectives on the intricate relationship between AI, social media, and new media, making this conference session a comprehensive platform for cutting-edge research and discussions

Topic H: Data and AI in Supply Chain Management

Topics: Public/eProcurement; Managing supply chains: Efficiency and security; Electronic invoicing; Data-driven decision making; Automated decision making

Session coordinators: Radoslav Delina <>, Michal Tkáč <>

Topic I: Academic Business Co-operation

Topics: Co-operation between academic environment and business; Contract research; New trends in research in business

Session coordinator:   Tomáš Pitner <>

Topic J: Ethical Integrity of Research in AI

Topics: Research ethics/integrity; Using data (texts) obtained through AI in scientific work; Work at universities and its ethical evaluation; Rules of integrity of research; Scientists and students using AI; Work with AI-generated data

Session coordinator:   Anton Lisnik <>

Special session K: Early Career & Student Showcase

Papers on various topics related to the other sessions submitted by PhD students, which present ongoing, i.e. not completely finished, work-in-progress.

Session coordinator:   Michael Sonntag <>